HELVAR power supplies

Choosing a driver is important for two reasons.

  1. LED is a very demanding semiconductor device. LEDs are very sensitive to the current strength and its constancy. LEDs degrade with changes in the current strength, the light flux values changes, the LED crystal itself is destroyed.
  2. Light has such a characteristic as ripple – flicker. Staff health depends on the light ripple level. Ripple causes fatigue and eye strain, provokes chronic headaches.

Permissible ripple coefficient is regulated by SanPin. Under Russian law, the maximum allowable value is 5%. In the power supplies that we use, the ripple coefficient is <1%.

In light control systems, with a lamp ripple level of 5%, ripple will be visible at the lower dimming values (the strobe effect). To stabilize the current and avoid ripple, we use the Finnish manufacturer Helvar’s drivers.

Helvar is a leader in component reliability among European countries.